Wednesday, July 29, 2015

pics from camping trip

Dandelion with ant inside

fungi on a rock

fallen tree

1000 year old pine

more fungi on a rock

camp fire

star rotating around the North Star

mountain meadow with lake

single piece of grass

new aspen growth with water drop


a dog and his boy

Emory reflection

cloud reflection

water flowing into muddy puddle

 butterfly on wildflowers

rainstorm moving across South Park Colorado

Water on leaf

Aspen after the rain

Kenosha Pass

Lily walking the train tracks

train tack

sunshine through aspen

campfire smoke

aspen grove


a walk in the woods

looking up in the aspens

path through the aspens

overlook of South Park, CO.

South Park, CO.

Wild Flower

wildflowers in aspen grove

flower in the woods

field of flowers


Silver Dollar Lake

Tuesday, July 7, 2015